Microsoft cleared of patent infringement charge from Patent Troll – InterDigital

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Microsoft has been cleared of a longstanding patent dispute by the U.S. global Trade Commission.  Last April a trial judge ruled in favor of a patent troll InterDigital but that was overthrown by the ITC who have decided not to enforce the decision. This comes as good news to Microsoft who have been battling to compete with Samsung Electronics and Apple devices, according to Rapid News Network.

Microsoft’s spokesperson said the company was extremely grateful to the Trade Commission for stopping InterDigital from blocking their products from admittance to the U.S.   The suit was that Microsoft claimed the InterDigital was breaching the U.S. 1890 Sherman antitrust act by charging too much, typing in useless patents to essential ones, not making any products and discriminating against MS  because it is a smaller partner in the bigger industry.

Thanks to their thorough defense, Microsoft was found to not be violating the patents, but it did not take on the difficulty of truthful licensing for important patents.  On Friday, the Patent Troll InterDigital’s stock dropped 3% by end of day.

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