Xiaomi takes on Brazil and India, so what’s next?

We investigate Xiaomi’s expansion around the world

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.idgconnect.com

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is beginning to spread its wings into more and more markets with the opening of an assembly plant in India.  Through a partnership with Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn, the duo have committed to investing $5bn in manufacturing facilities and research and development in the state of Maharashtra.   The Indian government has for some time been trying to expand its manufacturing industry in the country to catch up with similar activity across Asia.  India’s Micromax Informatics moved most of its manufacturing operations into China over the years. Now it is said to be considering a move back to its own country. Korean giant Samsung has invested $80m in its operations in India, where it says it plans to open a second plant. Fellow Chinese manufacturers Huawei and Oppo Mobile Telecommunications have expressed interest in opening up shop in India.    Xiaomi stands to benefit from India’s “business friendly” government, which is pushing a made-in-India movement too, and where the local market is lucrative enough to recoup its investments, says Sreevathsa Prabhakar Managing Director for India and Middle East at B2X.  For Xiaomi the news is the next step in steadily growing its international presence. In June it announced that was making phones in Brazil to sell locally. Global vice president, and Brazil-born, Hugo Barra called it “stage one of our Latin America launch.”

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