MSFT Patents Wearable Technology That Will Give You A Shock When You Have New Email

Microsoft files a new patent that will one day make users of wearable technology receive notification of an incoming text or email by way of getting electrical impulses.

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In the future, people will get notification of an incoming text or email by receiving electrical impulses from their wearable device.

Microsoft filed a new patent that will fully revolutionize the way wearable devices send out signals or alerts to users. Dubbed “wearable computer having a skin-stimulating interface,” the patent’s abstract named things such as alarm clocks, phone calls and text messages as some of the examples that people would be “shocked” about by the device.   “Techniques are described herein that are capable of providing electrical stimuli to skin of a user to convey information to the user,” said in one part of the abstract. “For instance, the electrical stimuli may inform the user of an event, condition, etc.”   At present, people usually hear a sound from their smartphones in order to be notified of an incoming event. There are times when the device would also vibrate. Some even prefer getting both a sound and a vibration from their devices. Whatever the choice is, it’s clear that the way people receive notifications is more like a personal preference.

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