Microchip, Intel work together on security for IoT devices

Using Intel technology, Microchip will now be able to offer enhanced security and privacy for Internet of Things networks and devices.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.bizjournals.com

Microchip Technology Inc. and Intel Corp. are collaborating to enhance privacy and security in “Internet of Things” products.
Microchip, the Chandler, AZ -based semiconductor maker, is licensing Intel’s Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID) software for its products, said Bill Swanson, Microchip’s senior product marketing manager for the company’s Computing Products Group.  “This solves two issues: one being security or authenticating, and the second is being able to have privacy in the data,” he said.  Intel EPID is a “sophisticated, proven approach” to device authentication that provides both security and privacy for the on-ramp to the Internet of Things, Swanson said.
A demonstration of the Intel EPID Protocol running on Microchip’s Internet of Things security platform was exhibited at the recent Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.  Microchip has a large presence in connected devices, and with the Intel software it will now be able to add authentication and anonymity to its customers.

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