​Everyone is a CIO: How tech complexity may bolster Best Buy

Best Buy is betting that consumers will need integration help amid connected homes and the Internet of things. Can the retailer be a systems integrator for the masses?

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.zdnet.com

Best Buy’s second quarter earnings were strong and highlight how the company’s approach to pricing, selection and multi-channel marketing are paying off. But what’s really notable is that Best Buy is betting that everyone will have to play chief information officer and wrestle with integration, complexity and messy tech just like large companies do.

Welcome to the world of every CIO.  But here’s the Joly comment that caught my eye:  The increase in complexity and interoperability of technology products and the advent of the Internet-of-things are making Best Buy’s operating model increasingly relevant as customers want and need more help selecting, installing, connecting, integrating, using, maintaining, and taking full advantage of their products.   When you consider Best Buy has Geek Squad and a pilot to launch Apple Care in select stores you see where Joly is headed. Best Buy is betting that it can be the services and integration outfit to the consumer. You are a CIO and Best Buy wants to be the Accenture/IBM/Deloitte for the masses.  Let’s get real. The connected home meets Internet of things movement is going to result in an integration nightmare. CNET’s Smart Home reviews highlight how everything in your home has gone high tech.  The catch? Devices won’t talk. Platforms won’t gel. 

See on Scoop.itInternet of Things – Company and Research Focus


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