Martian’s New Smartwatch Hides The Power Inside An Unassuming Package

The Martian Voice Communicator tries hard make you think it’s not a smartwatch. The model I tested, a black faux diver with a non-working bezel and quartz..

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The company has been making smartwatches since the dawn of the wearable revolution. Originally a solid competitor to Pebble, Martian has slowly moved into a position of power in the “I want a watch that looks like a watch” camp. By offering what are essentially slightly thicker quartz watches, they succeed consistently at this goal.

What can this new model do? Priced at $299 the watches basically offer OLED notifications in a little window under the face and a discrete speaker and microphone that lets you communicate with iOS or Android. That’s it. There are no step trackers nor are there any apps. It’s basically a little praetorian guard on your wrists that reminds you that you are mortal and that you can look up zero divided by zero via Siri’s voice control.

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