ZTE’s Axon Smartphone Applies For Over 50 Patents

ZTE today announced that it has applied for over 50 new core patents for its global flagship Axon smartphone

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.teleanalysis.com

ZTE’s Axon’s innovative technology includes the smartphone’s ‘dual track’ – high fidelity sound recording and playback, as well as its dual rear-cameras that capture high resolution images and videos, with the second lens delivering advanced functionality such as sophisticated bokeh photography effects.  According to Adam Zeng, technology and innovation are of utmost importance to Chinese manufacturers wanting to achieve success in the global smartphone market.

Currently, ZTE has filed applications for more than 20,000 terminal-related patents globally, with more than 4,500 granted. In Europe and North America, ZTE has been granted more than 2,000 terminal-related patents.  In 2014, ZTE hired several research and development teams from BlackBerry, including interactivity, security and design teams. These hires strengthened ZTE’s technological innovation and patent accumulation, especially in the areas of man-machine communication and security technology.   At present, ZTE has accumulated a significant amount of patents related to voice control technology and security, including patents related to voice recognition, smart voice control and voice activation.   ZTE has pioneered a number of data protection, privacy and payment security innovations that utilize hardware and software integrated encryption technology. To date, ZTE currently has over 200 security-related patents.  – After Belkin (my Darkhorse for the IoT) seemed to falter in it’s efforts in the IoT, ZTE is my smartphone Darkhorse.

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