The Sensel Morph Is A Keyboard On a Higher Level

The Morph will completely change the way you interact with the digital world.

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Don’t let its looks fool you. The Sensel Morph may have the appearance of your run-of-the-mill trackpad, but the technology it possesses is above and beyond any device you’re used to navigating your computer with. Equipped with 20,000 sensors, the Morph can detect touches of the most minimal kind, and will even measure the amount of force behind each act of pressing, swiping, or tapping that occurs on its surface.  Perhaps the most impressive trait of The Morph keypad is the range of tools it can be commanded with. Unlike the capacitive touch displays built into smartphones, Sensel’s innovative keyboard doesn’t require a human touch to function. The device can be manned just as efficiently using not only a stylus, but also items like a pencil or paintbrush. Such technology will allow users for a much more natural and fluid experience when it comes to things like painting or drawing.  Furthering its diverse functionality, The Morph comes with three different types of overlays that connect to the device using magnets. A keyboard, an MPC-style MIDI controller, and a piano/drum pad round out the attachments that enable users to perform a larger variety of tasks than one can using a typical mouse and keypad. Using Bluetooth, The Morph can be used to control a computer, as well as a tablet or smartphone.

While The Morph’s day 1 features already leave your average keyboard in the dust, it’s capabilities don’t stop there. Encouraging users to improve upon the original device, Sensel is allowing users to make their own custom Morph interfaces via a drag-and-drop process. As the library of user-designed interfaces grows, each can be shared among the community of Morph owners.

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