Ralph Lauren Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit For Wearable Technology Handbag

Ralph Lauren Corp. is being sued for patent infringement by a patent designer in Texas federal court. The fashion powerhouse reportedly copied the design for its $5,000 wearable technology handbag, which features an interior that illuminates and can also charge electrical devices.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.fashiontimes.com

Jimmy Bryan filed a 10-page complaint, which, according to WWD, alleges that Ralph Lauren “has infringed and continues to infringe the patent by making, using, offering to sell, selling, distributing, and/or importing into the United States its Ricky Bag With Light, which is a receptacle with the precise electric accessory system at issue with the Patents-in-Suit.”  –  Currently, Bryan does not have any bags for sale, so his lawsuit hinges on patent protection. – Ralph Lauren Retail, Leoht Inc. and Kickstarter Inc. are also named in the suit. According to WWD, Leoht handbags with a built-in battery, USB chargers, interior lighting and wireless recharging were first sold online via Kickstarter.  A Ralph Lauren spokesman told the trade publication on Friday that the company does not comment on legal matters.   The wearable technology variation of Lauren’s signature Ricky bag hit the shelves for this past holiday season.

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