ISA-95 Unplugged: How Will MOM and IIoT Merge?

Detailing integration between enterprise and control systems, the ISA-95 standard offers a good starting point for an Industrial Internet of Things…

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We can imagine everything that is currently in our control world as being an object—sometimes smart and sometimes connected. For manufacturing staff to start seeing the possibilities of IIoT, they can imagine all their current systems and devices as objects or things in the IIoT. They can then analyze how they could fit together and help each other in new and exciting ways. It is not necessary to start with everything neither smart nor connected, but it is useful to understand where connection and “smartness” would help to make the business run better.   Clearly, a little help in understanding how to split up your software systems to enable this type of thinking would be beneficial. This is where ISA-95 is your friend. ISA has gone to the enormous task of defining object models for just about anything that you can do at Level 3 (MOM) so you can conceptually break up your system using these pre-defined object classes (this is also extremely useful if you are considering implementing a new MOM layer, but that complex discussion is for another time).   You can also carry out the same exercise with systems at the control and enterprise levels and beyond. For example, you may have controllers in the field that are only accessible through a DCS or SCADA system. You can still imagine these as objects with behavior, inputs and outputs. A variable-speed motor might have outputs of actual speed, runtime and average speed, an input of set speed, and the behavior of being able to change the speed of the motor. Normally, these are used by the control system, but it is quite feasible to imagine a maintenance system directly accessing this data from the (future) smart device; or from a support engineer working for the motor supplier and gathering runtime information to improve maintenance across many sites and customers.   –  Now is the time to try your hand at IIoT. We suggest that a good starting point is ISA-95 unplugged: its objects, I/O and behaviors, and also control information about devices that you expect to be smart connected devices in your IIoT future.

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