Sony shows off Aerosense camera drone prototype

Aerosense, a joint venture between Sony and ZMP, has released a video of its camera drone prototype

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Sony has unveiled a prototype of a camera drone shaped like an aeroplane, which can take off and land vertically and fly for more than two hours at a maximum speed of 106 miles an hour.  The drone has been developed by Aerosense, a joint-venture launched in July between Sony and Japanese robotics firm ZMP. The venture is part of Sony’s efforts to move beyond its core consumer products into enterprise markets.  The Aerosense partnership brings together Sony’s camera, sensing, telecommunications network and robotics technologies with ZMP’s automated driving and robotics technologies.   The drone is reportedly capable of carrying objects weighing up to 10kg. However, its primary use will be to capture images from the sky, process these images in the cloud, and provide a range of services to businesses such as measuring, surveying, observing and inspecting.

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