Intel Beefs Up Fight Against Cancer With Cloud Technology And Data Analytics

Collaboration between Intel and OHSU will pioneer the use of next-gen computing and bio-sciences expertise to better manage and even personalize cancer care. In its pilot network called Collaborative Cancer Cloud, the partners aim to fight cancer in the quicker and less-costly way.

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In the war against cancer and in a world of continuously developing technology, expertise in genomics and biomedical imaging tied up with large-scale computing make a powerful weapon in fighting against a disease that kills millions of people all over the world.

It’s faster, cheaper and personalized for patients.  At the Intel Development Forum on Aug. 17, Intel announced its collaboration with Oregon Health and Sciences University’s Knight Cancer Institute through an open Platform-as-a-Service solution to managing cancer called Collaborative Cancer Cloud.   This pilot network, a platform of precision medicine analytics, will allow the secure sharing of genomic data in patients that will tailor cancer research and create personalized medicine. With the Collaborative Cancer Cloud, answers can be found quicker in possibly just days or even hours from the current time it takes, which could go from a week to months.

“It will enable large amounts of data from sites all around the world to be analyzed in a distributed way, while preserving the privacy and security of that patient data at each site,” says Intel Health Strategy and Solutions General Manager Eric Dishman.  The Collaborative Cancer Cloud will aid doctors help patients by using their genome to provide diagnosis and come up with a targeted treatment plan. This multi-year collaboration envisions that by 2020 the process of diagnosis and treatment planning will then take only one day.

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