Kim Dotcom’s New Music Streaming Service Finally Launches

Baboom will let artists keep 90% of their song’s proceeds.

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A new music streaming service envisioned by Kim Dotcom, the notorious Internet entrepreneur best known as the founder of Megaupload, finally launched on Monday.  Designed as an alternative to popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, Baboom, as it’s called, lets independent artists keep 90% of the proceeds through its “Fair Trade Streaming” agreement. Dotcom originally envisioned the service as an alternative to the music industry through which they could directly distribute their music to fans, but he left the company last fall.   Baboom offers two tiers for customers, and streaming on the Web and on iOS and Android. The free version comes with ads, lets users save up to 100 songs into collections they create, and they have to purchase songs they wish to download. For $10 per month, customers get to skip the ads and save an unlimited amount of songs to their collection. They can also access exclusive content.

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