Will Google Brillo shake the smart home to its very foundations?

All hail a new Internet of Things platform for the home

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.techradar.com

The Internet of Things is a mess, with standards and protocols up in the air and almost every tech company on the planet claiming that it’s their language that the future IoT will rely on. Who wants separate apps to control lighting, heating, security cameras, the TV and the hi-fi?   –  Whether we need yet another wannabe Internet of Things platform promising to be the unifier is questionable, but there’s no doubt that Google’s Brillo – a new operating system for low-powered devices that will shortly be previewed to developers – could be the platform that at last brings standardisation to the IoT.  – I am not convinced, not yet anyway.

How significant is Google Brillo?   “It’s real validation that IoT is here to stay,” says Nav Dhunay CEO and founder of Ambyint, which develops IoT systems. “We’ve now got a powerhouse technology company, Google, backing IoT and making it easier for organisations to build an IoT-based product/platform.”  It’s surely Google’s status that is the most important aspect – what Google says, goes. “We’re extremely pleased to see what can generally be quite a disparate set of implementation standards become something more standardised,” says Mike Crooks, head of Mubaloo Innovation Lab, which works on location-targeted technology.   “When it’s driven by a major player such as Google, we can be sure that issues we’ve faced with proprietary standards will be reduced,” says Crooks, who compares Brillo with iBeacons. “With beacons, if Apple hadn’t produced a standard for the technology, the technology wouldn’t have taken off as it has – and Brillo has the potential to do the same for IoT standardisation as Apple did with beacons.”

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