When the IoT Talks, Google’s Eddystone Listens

The Internet of Things (IoT) era has brought with it a host of new programmatic and operational issues as mountains of product data meet rivers of wireless signals from competing communication methods.

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Debriefing Your Dishwasher:   As the possibility of smartphones eavesdropping on conversations between toasters and refrigerators has gone from a late-night comedy punch line to a daily morning reality, marketers have found themselves racing to harness IoT’s potential while addressing the anxieties being raised by some unanticipated pain points.  Why are appliances, even smart ones, suddenly contributing to so much marketing anxiety? There are two main reasons:

1.  IoT devices generate a lot of data, most of which is only relevant in certain contexts at certain moments in time. That data is streamed using beacons, low-cost, low-powered transmitters that send signals to certain smartphones within range.  It quickly becomes a monumental challenge to analyze the data for real-time insights that can be acted upon to improve sales and/or operational performance.

2.  IoT devices use a broad variety of incompatible protocols to communicate. Bluetooth is popular among consumer devices because of its low energy consumption, especially a variation called Bluetooth low energy (BLE). Another format, MTConnect, focuses on communication among industrial devices.

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