IoT and its impact on the electronics industry

IOT items are devices which can communicate with other devices. In the electronics industry high power embedded processors will soon be found in new IOT smart devices.

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In the electronics industry today:

*  Semiconductor are rushing ahead to develop system on a chip (SoC) tailored for the IoT.
*  Intel’s Braswell SoC is aimed at mobile devices and includes a version of Android with a 64-bit kernel.
*  Intel has also announced systems for the IoT based on its Quark and Atom processors.
*  Broadcom has unveiled a new low-power, Bluetooth Smart SoC, called BCM20737, with RSA 4000-bit encryption and decryption support for securing data while it is being transferred.
*  ARM recently announced the new CPU design center in Taiwan that will focus on the development of ARM Cortex-M processors for IoT products.
*  ARM is also working with AMD to develop embedded chips such as the Hierofalcon 64-bit SoC for the IoT

Within the next few years another up thrust of new trends and technology will stand centre stage. High power embedded processors will be found in IoT “smart” devices. Moreover, connected devices will also be able to handle processing equivalent to today’s laptops and smartphones.

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