Intel is betting on the IoT to boost its marketing mojo

Can a reality TV show sell servers? You betcha!

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Intel has always been good at marketing. Remember the dancing factory workers in their multi-colored bunny suits? Well, a new reality show produced by Mark Burnett, the guy behind The Apprentice and Survivor, will star people using Intel chips to make Internet-connected devices. It’s just one example of how the chip giant is focusing its marketing muscle on the so-called Internet of things, the emerging technology category that involves connecting locomotives, coffee makers and factories online.  And why wouldn’t it? According to Gartner, the analyst firm, the term is at the peak of the hype cycle. Many companies are pushing sexy technology, from watches to life-saving devices such as the clip on car-seat monitor that prevents parents from leaving their baby strapped into a hot car. Intel showed all of that, plus dancing spider robots off at its Intel Developer Forum this week in San Francisco. But for anyone expecting news about the latest chip architecture, CEO Brian Krzanich’s Tuesday keynote was short on details. Instead of dwelling on his company’s workhorse server and laptop chips, he went heavy on Internet of things, or IoT, pizzazz.  “This is the first time in a long time I can remember that the data center wasn’t really mentioned at all,” Patrick Moorhead of research firm Moor Insights and Strategy. “It was all about IoT for the most part, and in an area where [Intel] isn’t recognized as the leader.” Intel is keeping the emphasis on the Internet of things because the phrase encompasses so much as to be meaningless in the hands of clever marketers. It’s also a bonanza for the chip industry because every connected device requires more sensors, radios so it can talk to the Internet and microprocessors to sort through the data it gathers. All that information is then sent across a network full of computer equipment and into a giant server farm where it is analyzed and stored. 

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