Google’s New OnHub Router Paves The Way For IoT

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) partners with TP-Link to launch the OnHub Router, which will eventually facilitate Internet of Things devices.

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Google announced its latest home product, the OnHub RouterGoogle, yesterday in an official blog post by Group Product Manager Trond Wuellner. The router has been developed in collaboration with TP-Link, and Google hopes the new router will address issues users face with traditional routers. In addition to better function, the OnHub Router also looks very different from a traditional router. The cylindrical design sets it apart, and it is notable for its lack of blinking lights that most routers have. The $199 device, which can be pre-ordered through the Google website, does away with cords and antennas, and has one large light on top of it. The official blog post said that the rather neat design is meant to encourage users to put the router on desks and places it can receive and transmit signals without obstruction.  –  Google said it understands extra wires and antennas on traditional routers do not add to the décor of a room, which is why most routers are placed in corners, or behind furniture. The issue with such placement is that bad placement leads to bad reception, which drastically affects Internet speeds..   The router antennas are hidden within the cylindrical design. Among the thirteen antennas the router houses, one checks for signal congestion, whereas the other 12 check overall signals. A new app for Android and iOS, Google On, replaces the blinking lights on traditional routers. The app assists users in setting up the Wi-Fi network and saves passwords that can be messaged to guests.  The Google On app can also be used to assign specific bandwidth to specific users. Hence, users can pick out favorites and decide who gets to use how much of the Internet. The router updates its software automatically, apparently without interrupting the connection, and effectively works as an Internet of Things (IoT) device, connecting various devices within the house. The router will support future IoT devices, whether they use Weave, 802.15.4 or Bluetooth Smart Ready.   Google’s router, produced  appears to be a useful tool in the IoT platform, which should receive greater focus by next year. Google has indicated that the tech giant’s partnership with TP-Link is not exclusive, since the company eventually wants to work on OnHub devices with more hardware partners. It named PC vendor ASUS as its second partner, which means Google may eventually team up with all the big names in the network and hardware space.

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