Forget Pizza, Domino’s is a Technology Company

Domino’s profit result should remind us that it isn’t so much a food company but one of our top technology companies. But with a tech company halo comes tech company expectations.

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First came online ordering, then mobile ordering and now Domino’s is pushing four-click ordering. And no matter who actually dreamt up the technology, Domino’s has also just launched a feature that allows a hungry customer to track the progress of their pizza via GPS, as it tries to push into the area of wearable technologies.  

40 NEW DIGITAL PRODUCTS:  The company says it is working on 40 new digital projects and this is clearly much more than just a cool thing to say – this innovation is making the difference for shareholders in that it continues to push same-store sales higher.

Have any other Australian chief executives ridden the rise of the smartphone as well as Domino’s chief executive Don Meij?

While he’d never call pizzas a commodity, Meij clearly recognised that the industry is incredibly competitive and that while Domino’s was unlikely to stand out on gastronomical grounds, it could certainly shine by getting its products to customers in new and better ways.

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