Two-factor system uses ambient sounds to verify your login

It listens to your surrounding and verifies if the device you’re using to sign in and your two-factor device (such as your phone) are in the same place.

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Two-factor can keep your Gmail, iCloud and other accounts from getting hacked, but it’s unfortunately rather tedious to use. That’s why a team of researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland has developed a tool called “Sound-Proof” to make the process less painful. Any app or program with Sound-Proof integrated can authenticate your logins by listening to ambient sounds. That’s it — you don’t need to pick up your phone, generate a passcode or wait for a text with one, so long as you’ve already installed the tool’s mobile app.  While it’s definitely a lot easier to deal with than traditional two-factor, it’s also clearly imperfect. Determined hackers who already have your password can follow you around until you’re in the same place to access your account. Since the app starts listening in on its own, you might not even know that someone’s trying to hack you until it’s too late. Some elements might prevent sounds from matching up, as well, and don’t forget that you need a data connection in the absence of WiFi. 

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