The Fundraising Field Guide is a self-help book for capital-seeking startups

Seedcamp is one of the better-known acceleration funds in Europe. Based out of London, it has backed over 180 companies since it was founded in 2007. This

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The book, titled Fundraising Field Guide, took a year to write and culminated from a series of blog posts Espinal wrote to help founders. Espinal says that he decided to really embark on the project after a conversation with Rob Fitzpatrick, author of The Mom Test.

He self-published the book using Reedsy, a platform for authors to link up with editors, designers and marketers to help with their book and also one of Seedcamps investments.  –  The key narrative throughout is how to face the challenges involved in the fundraising journey taken by almost every startup. From reaching out to investors, dealing with rejection and learning from it to preparing financials, understanding valuations and negotiating a deal, it acts as a handbook for anyone embarking on this journey.

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