Semiconductor Engineering .:. Intel Acquires Docea Power

Intel Acquires Docea Power Intel has acquired another EDA company, although both companies are currently keeping quiet about the future

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Intel has quietly done another EDA acquisition, this time buying Docea Power, a small company based in Moirans, France. Docea had high-level power and thermal estimation tools. Docea Power was founded by two brothers, Ghislain and Sylvian Kaiser. Ghislain had spent 10 years at ST Microelectronics as a power expert and was dissatisfied with the tools available on the market at that time. With ST’s blessing he started his own company in 2006 and developed tools to perform high-level estimation of the power and thermal profile. While originally targeting the hardware side of things, the tool also enables software engineers to develop and debug power and thermal management policies before any silicon is available.  In the past Docea has been hampered by the lack of standards in the ESL space and virtual prototyping has not become mainstream. While SystemC and TLM have been around for a number of years, model portability has been a problem and that has slowed adoption. Power standards are also in their formative stages with several efforts going on within the IEEE. Docea was in some respects reliant on both of these and so had an uphill battle on their hands.

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