Samsung’s Apple appeal denied. Next step: Supreme Court?

The US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision means Samsung has two options: appeal the case to the Supreme Court or hand over to Apple hundreds of millions of dollars.

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In my on going coverage of the Patent Wars (another front of the larger Silicon Wars), revisiting the Samsung Apple battle.  (Samsung was initially required to pay over $1 billion in damages, but that figure has since been pared down to $548 million after a series of hearings and appeals.) – Now Samsung’s sparks some hope attempting to  scuttle the massive fine on alleged patent infringement of Apple products have been dashed, leaving the company with only two options: (1) break out the cash or (2) try its luck with the US Supreme Court,  Looking ahead, Samsung hasn’t said how it will handle the court’s ruling on Thursday. While the company may attempt to go to the Supreme Court, actually getting the highest court in the land to hear the case could prove extremely difficult, given the high number of cases it turns down each year. Opting to pay may ultimately be the quickest solution, if Samsung wants to put the case behind it.

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