The IoT – who wins, who loses?

IoT is helping make privacy and autonomy the preserve of the powerful. As technology’s glare increases, it’s imperative we question who benefits from it

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A very interesting read from the UK, on the costs that we as employees and consumers of IoT products may be embracing without our own knowledge of what we are giving away in the bargain for an intelligent device to assist us at work or at home. What the author calls surveillance capitalism, a worthwhile read for the well informed.   –  “I tried to point out that privacy is something you have a lot less of the less powerful you are, especially in an employment relationship. It is supposed to be a right, not a luxury good. But the employees subjected to the tracking, data-gathering and zero-hours coercion the internet of things makes possible and profitable will not be the well-educated geeks who can jump to the next start-up when they tire of the free coffee (and realise they need a new chip implanted for the new photocopier). They will be the hotel cleaners, the retail warehouse pickers, the security guards and the harried carers.

Surveillance capitalism is not the only way. Let’s stop thinking of privacy as something to do with data protection, as a set of information rights that can be banished by the magic spell of “consent”. Privacy is just another name for autonomy, for the ability to use a little intelligence and independence in our work – however “lowly” – for the right to simply be in a public space without needing an excuse or a credit card, for the ability to look through that one-way mirror and see who is looking back at us.

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