Disrupted Everything – developing maturity in the IoT brings the next tech revolution forward

Disrupted Everything – developing maturity in the Internet of Things brings the next tech revolution forward..

Sourced through Scoop.it from: idisrupted.com

Awesome article on the strategy that Google is executing to for the IoT, definitely a worthwhile read.   Google wants lots of IoT data – simply to create massive sales of highly targeted advertising – take a look at their JV with Carnegie-Mellon (Called GIoTTO) – courtesy of Fastcompany, “For the “Internet of Things” to thrive, all it needs is for all devices to get along—which is currently wishful thinking. Last week, however, Google announced a partnership with Carnegie-Mellon University, which is leading a collaboration of faculty from several other academic institutions on a project to jumpstart the Internet of Things revolution. Their plan: Build a universal platform that lets any device talk to any other device. And fittingly, that master-key solution will be open source.The problem is that IoT software and devices are mostly proprietary, built by each company and working well within their own sandboxes, but they don’t communicate well together. The joint project between CMU, Cornell, Stanford, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Google wants to wipe away the private-industry middlemen that keep sensors in separate sandboxes by creating a new, open platform: GIoTTO.The CMU team leader, Anind Dey, and his fellow professors are building GIoTTO’s middleware, which is a pretty technical job—stitching all the right software together so any sensor you pick up off the shelf (measuring temperature, pressure, light, etc.) will work with your system. Dey wants their platform to receive info via any signal type—whether BLE, passive infrared, or otherwise—and show people that info in ways they’ll understand.To do that, Dey and his team will make a lot of proof-of-concept examples to test their tech, building sensor networks on campus to make the campus a “living laboratory” for people to discover IoT and come up with ways to apply the world of IoT to their field of study. The expansion across campus (and potentially out into the city of Pittsburgh) has three goals: Discover different use cases as diverse people outside Dey’s labs play with the IoT sensors, drive iterative development of GIoTTO’s open infrastructure by adapting it to those different use cases, and allow more people to experience the Internet of Things and study how they use it.

See on Scoop.itInternet of Things – Company and Research Focus


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