Google’s Alphabet is Silicon Valley’s new Alpha Bet

As the name implies, it could be anything and everything, but Alphabet is a major something in the evolution of Google.

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The shift to Alphabet isn’t, of course, merely a name change—nor is it simply a reorganization. The move represents the next step in Google’s journey toward becoming a more financially and managerially disciplined company. In March, Ruth Porat joined the tech giant from Morgan Stanley to become CFO of Google. She will now be CFO of both Alphabet and Google. In July, Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford, joined the board and its audit committee. How much the Alphabet shift will improve transparency to shareholders remains to be seen.  On the managerial front, the new structure comes amid Google’s failure to win over EU antitrust regulators. And it follows the messy litigation involving Google related to agreements to not hire workers from rival firms.  The restructuring is especially interesting because with its far flung businesses and business ideas, in recent years, Google has resembled a collection of disparate enterprises like you might see within a single mutual fund but with a major difference: The company sits outside that specialized statutory structure, as Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway does.

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