Semiconductor Engineering Pathfinding Beyond 10nm

Pathfinding Beyond 10nm An alarming number of disruptive new technologies are under development.

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Problem: Significantly Higher Costs Expected in Semiconductor Manufacturing.  

Current State: “Equipment makers are spending only about 10% of revenues on R&D in recent years, noted Intermolecular scientific advisor Raj Jammy. “We’ll need some revolutionary lower cost approaches to enable future nodes.”

Cause: After higher aspect-ratio finFETs and higher mobility SiGe and III-V materials, the industry will move to lateral nanowires and then to vertical nanowire transistors, and to new tunnel junction FETs or spin wave architectures ─ or to various combinations of these technologies for different applications, reported An Steegan, Imec senior vice president of process technology, during SEMICON West 2015. Intermolecular scientific advisor Raj Jammy outlined a similar roadmap. “Scaling these finFETs and nanowires will require high aspect-ratio structures and selective deposition,” said Jammy, noting those slower processes will also likely mean higher costs.

Solution: The path forward is going be doing something different than the way that engineering and technology development and R&D has been done in the past.  Cost is now the driver, a better way is required.

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