Textile Coating ‘SOAK’ Warns You When You’re Dehydrated With Color Changing Technology

Design researcher Paulien Routs has created ‘SOAK’ — a textile coating that warns the wearer when they are dehydrated.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.idigitaltimes.com

The latest development in the world of wearable technology is a sweat-sensitive textile coating called SOAK that warns the wearer when they are dehydrated.   The textile coating works by responding to the sweat secreted from the wearer’s body. For example, high amounts of acid in your sweat means you are dehydrated and as such, the coating responds to the presence of acid by changing the garment to shades of brown/yellow. When you are hydrated enough (read: you have both acids and base fluids in your sweat) the shirt turns green and when you are well hydrated, it will be blue. “This sport focused textile coating can provide it’s wearer with information on their sweat composition, as the wearer sweats, the applied pattern will change of color, communicating whether or not the wearer’s sweat has healthy water/base levels. SOAK shares insight in the condition of the inner body and visualizes whether the body is well hydrated or not.”  –  Dehydration – when your body’s rate of fluid loss exceeds its rate of fluid intake – can result in a wide array of uncomfortable symptoms, up to and including eventual death if not managed.

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