Jeep Cherokee hack offers important lessons on the “Security of Things”

John Villasenor writes about how the ability to wirelessly hack into a Jeep Cherokee creates a completely new set of security challenges for the billions of interconnected devices coming online in the next few years.

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Harsh Realities of the brave new world of IoT – whether you like it or not   –  When there is a vulnerability to be found, the laws of statistics guarantee that someone will eventually succeed in finding it. While it’s impossible to achieve perfect security, the steady drumbeat of news stories about cyber breaches shows that there’s a lot of space between perfect and where most systems are today. Closing that gap will require that every company making a connected product—including but certainly not limited to vehicle manufacturers—adopt a multilayered approach to cybersecurity that addresses not only the obvious exposures, but also the second-order vulnerabilities that become visible only though linkages between multiple system components.

1. Connectivity has outpaced security

2. Distributed systems raise new and novel cybersecurity challenges

3. Unintended linkages are the rule, not the exception

4. Delivering on the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) requires addressing the Security of Things (SoT)

5. We need a multilayered approach to cybersecurity—and not one that just focuses on the low-hanging fruit

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