Can Video Games Make You Smarter?

New gaming technology is an increasingly important learning tool for kids and adults, which might answer a big question: Can video games make you smarter?

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Basically being a gamer gives you a bigger brain  – I call it adaptive thinking, a.k.a. threat reduction thinking.  Excerpted from the article:  –  “The way we look at information in society is changing,” explained Ross Flatt, assistant principal and founding teacher at Quest to Learn, an Institute project in New York public schools.  “It is really more about how we work with it. It’s less about what we know and more how we can use it.”  These abilities call for deeper learning skills, Gehorsam said, like systems thinking, collaboration and higher-order life skills. “And that was something game-like learning could foster.”    More traditional learning structures that focus on the acquisition of basic skills and content knowledge don’t always teach those capabilities. “[It’s] not like you can take an SAT for these competencies,” Gehorsam said, “but employers want them.

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