7 Wearable and IoT Devices – Use case videos

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An interesting video on wearable and IoT technology use cases

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Lenovo closes deal to buy Motorola from Google

Lenovo announced Thursday it has completed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google, a move strengthening the Chinese giant’s position in the smartphone market.

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By adding Motorola, Lenovo positions itself among the top global smartphone makers behind Samsung and Apple.  Lenovo will operate the Chicago-based headquarters and adding some 3,500 employees, including 2,800 in the United States.

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Poynt is an Android-based Payment Terminal for the Future

Designed to bring consumer-facing businesses up-to-date with today’s technology and help them stay future-proof, Poynt is a smart payment terminal that supports multiple payment methods, encrypted transactions and allows for extended functionality…

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The Poynt terminal features a 7-inch merchant-facing screen, a second 4.3-inch customer-facing screen, a barcode scanner and a built-in printer in a compact device. It connects to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G, can accept payments via cards, Apple Pay and other NFC/Bluetooth mobile apps, and can be moved around — away from the cash register to customers’ tables, to delivery destinations and even to the curb for take-away customers.

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NATO declares WAR on Google Glass, mounts attack alongside MPAA

The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO… no, really!) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) said in a joint statement that NATO’s member theaters would classify wearable technology as recording devices, making users who wear the camera-equipped specs subject to ejection if the offending eyewear is not stowed.

Source: www.theregister.co.uk

This isn’t the first time the movie industry has been forced to confront the menace of Google Glass. Earlier this year, a man in Ohio was taken into custody by Homeland Security after he wore the tech into a movie screening. Many theaters in the US and UK have already issued their own bans on the Google headsets as well, citing piracy concerns. 

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