Toe-Tickling Shoes Let You Navigate The City By Touch

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MIT researcher’s project replaces smartphone maps with cloud-connected insoles

Richard Platt‘s insight:

Interesting but still the use case is not necessarily one that I can see will be a big winner – albeit the technology integration and application do show promise for other ways to take this technology.

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4 Ways You Unknowingly Disrupt Your Career

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We oftentimes lose momentum in our careers without any real explanation. Perhaps we are given feedback from our colleagues and supervisors, but many times the details that lie beneath the truth are missing. Over time you may realize that you just don’t fit in anymore and you are on to the next employer.

Did you not fit because the culture wasn’t right or did you not meet the standards and expectations for success? You must always know what is expected from you for your success at work and seek to understand whenever those behind you pull out in front of you. Never assume that success is guaranteed or you may unknowingly begin to disrupt your career before you have been able to create and sustain any real momentum.

Every company has an employee formula for success. Your responsibility is to figure it out for yourself so that you are clear with the formula’s translation and how you can deliver upon it. Trust yourself enough to navigate and explore it. It’s like a treasure hunt. You’ll never know what intelligence and insight you will find until you try. Look beyond the obvious and be patient. You will eventually find the key to unlock the code so that you can begin to influence the success formula yourself.

Richard Platt‘s insight:

(1) Relying too much on others  (2)  Lack Consistency in Delivery  (3) Mismanage Their Reputation  (4)  Associate themselves with the Wrong People  — this last one being the equivalent of social stigmatism 

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