The Five Sources of Innovation Consultants

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Innovators, and innovation firms, spring from a wide array of sources.  Since there is no “standard” for innovation, in the manner of AICPA for accountants, or even a framework like ASQ or others provide for Six Sigma, innovation remains an umbrella term that contains a wide array of very different providers. 

Richard Platt‘s insight:

Decent answers but IT IS NOT ANY SINGLE TYPE OF INNOVATION of CONSULTANT that you should seek to support your corporate efforts but one who recognizes that all 5 are viable directions:


Strategy – Marketing – Creativity – Training/Coaching – Process


Note to Self: Including them all together without which a comprehensive take on innovation from your advisor / consultant and you are going to get beat.  


Reason:  Innovation methods / practices are the tactics of strategy, and if your tactics are without an understanding of the larger picture, tools, mechanisms and outcomes that you’ll get from a given method then your process will be weak and you will open yourself up to getting defeated by a hungeier, nimbler, more adaptable competitor.


Remember: Adapt or die is the call of innovation and why you do it, not so you can hire one of the 50 Thinkers on Innovation, that’s pointless, and a likely, long term path to failure. for being a sycophant



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